Our Team

Chatfa’s team is young, energetic, innovative and brave to meet challenges.

We have members of the textile professional staff, experienced sales talents, returned overseas talents, imaginative designers and other components. With clear division of labor in the team, we have a high sense of teamwork and strong innovation ability, which could play a lead role for the of enterprise continuously and stably development. The team is not only in the forefront of the industry in their respective fields, but also can combine the technical advantages of the enterprise to ensure that the products have good standards, meanwhile improve the quality continuously, so that the enterprise has an excellent reputation in the  industry.

Mr Liu

a journey of one thousand miles begins with one

Spinning CTO

Engaged in the textile industry for 35 years, he has a profound theoretical basis of spinning technology, and has guided the development of different process routes over decades.

The grass-roots staff always accompany the growth of Chafta.

Loyal to the company, actively practice the company's values, full of enthusiasm and warmth, and constantly create and pay.

In Chafta, only fully invested in this field, through our spirit of craftsmanship,then to create quality products.