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Chafta located in China's textile manufacturing developed Yangtze River Delta region - Zhangjiagang City. Chafta is a high-tech enterprises dedicated to the research of natural precious animal fiber.

Adhering to the concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, the company helps herdsmen in pastoral areas to increase income and make their lives better. After years of continuous exploration and development, the company has established a complete raw material supply chain in Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Mongolia, to ensure that we provide customers with sustainable and fully traceable high quality products.

500 tons
Knitting yarn and high count worsted yarn
Strip produced per year
Production scale of the scarves
Core invention patents

01 Technological innovation and product innovation

From the transformation of machinery equipment, to the carding of raw materials, strip making, spinning and final products, every process has been continuously improved in the process of innovation

At present, Chafta has 7 core invention patents. The worsted spinning system is used to make combed strips and high-count spinning yarn for short animal fibers. The combed cashmere strips and short cashmere strips, ultra-short cashmere spinning high-count yarn over 100Nm, and scarf woven by 200Nm short cashmere yarn fill the domestic gap. The production of yak down yarn has reached 300 count, cashmere yarn reached 400 count, in the international leading position. Eight products, including 120 combed yak cashmere pure spinning machines, 80nm*2 combed yak cashmere pure spinning machines, camel cashmere high-count combed yarn and ultra-high count yak cashmere wool fabrics, have obtained the high-tech products of Jiangsu Province.

02 Management Innovation

Chafta constantly innovates the management mechanism to enhance the vitality of the company. The company is committed to long-term sustainable development and the balanced development of stakeholders.

Actively explore a variety of incentive mechanisms to activate the vitality of enterprise human resources. At the same time, we will establish a stable and orderly raw material platform and eventually build a special animal fiber trading platform.

03 Create independent brand, realize transformation and upgrading

The company has "Zhongfuda", "CHAFTA"," WOOLIFE "trademarks," CHAFTA" trademark has been rated as a famous trademark in Jiangsu Province.

WOOLIFE brand scarf has a review of the Suzhou famous brand product, on the transformation and upgrading of products, we are doing best fine strip, yarn production and sales, based on the synchronous development of scarf, clothing and fabric such as the brand construction of the downstream market, upstream and herdsman areas of cultivation, broaden the ‘material - strips - yarn- fabrics – cloths’ complete industrial chain. Through independent management, joint venture and cooperation, brand alliance and other means, "Chafta" upstream and downstream industrial clusters have been formed, and "Chafta" has gradually become the spokesperson and leader of plush quality products.In the future development, Chafta will continue to take "make good fiber, become the benchmark of the industry" as our mission,continue to be committed to the concept of technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation, continue to increase brand building, and eventually build a special animal fiber trading platform.

01 Technological innovation and product innovation
02 Management Innovation
03 Create independent brand, realize transformation and upgrading

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