Title :Wang Zhijie, Secretary General of Provincial Textile Engineering Society, visited Chafta for guidance

 Recently, Wang Zhijie, secretary general of Jiangsu Textile Engineering Society, accompanied by Shi Zhitao, chairman of Suzhou Textile Engineering Society, came down to guide Jiangsu Chafta Technology Co., Ltd., and Pang Rongxiang, standing vice president and secretary general of Zhangjiagang Textile Industry Association, participated in the research activities.


Chairman Li Jianming warmly welcomes provincial and municipal school leaders to visit the company to guide the work. Chafta is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the production, research and development and sales of special animal fiber strip, yarn and its finished products. The company has introduced and independently transformed advanced equipment such as Japanese and British carding machines and French NSC needle combers, forming an annual production scale of 500 tons of down strip, 200 tons of blended and pure spinning knitting yarn and high count worsted yarn. The products are exported to South Korea, Japan, Italy, the United States and other countries as well as well-known domestic downstream enterprises. The company attaches great importance to technological innovation, and constantly develops and upgrades the technical level of products, thus establishing a brand in the high-end market. In the case of the outbreak of the epidemic this year, in addition to the year-on-year decline in production and sales in the first quarter, orders have soared since the second quarter, and orders on hand have been arranged to the end of the year. It is expected that sales and profits will increase significantly compared with the same period last year. Company pays attention to social responsibility in recent years, with poor regions such as Tibet, Guizhou, Inner Mongolia industrial bonding, the rabbit, yaks, sheep and is responsible for acquisition, help a large number of farmers out of poverty, in December 2019, Jianming Li, chairman of the committee of out of poverty by central committee of China democratic construction advanced individual crucial prize.



Secretary General Wang listened to the introduction of the company, fully affirmed the company's spirit of building a national light luxury brand, and especially expressed his sincere admiration for the company's active participation in the national battle against poverty. Secretary-General Wang emphasized the work content of "four services and one strengthening" of the society, especially on the platform of "Jiangsu Textile Academician Collaborative Innovation Center", to build the bridge link between government, industry, education, research and application, and to transport talents and scientific and technological achievements for enterprises' scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, the society through the continuing education platform, Establish the middle and senior scientific and technological personnel knowledge update seminar and academic exchange seminar which are urgently needed by the enterprise, especially join hands with the expert database experts of the institute to come to the factory for field guidance and training.

Mr. Shi expressed that he would make full use of the precious resources provided by the provincial society to serve the scientific and technological workers of the city's enterprises and institutions and to drive the development of innovation.


Mr. Pang, Chairman of the Municipal Association, thanked Mr. Wang for his concern and support for the progress of science and technology in the textile industry of Zhangjiagang. The recognition of the social status of scientific and technological personnel and the achievements of innovation still need to be further strengthened. The next step is to plan to build the Textile Engineering Society of Zhangjiagang City, hoping to get the support of the provincial and municipal societies.

Secretary General Wang and his delegation also visited the Chafta factory store, carefully watched and inquired about the technical parameters and performance of the new products.