Title :Focus on yak hair and tell a good Chinese story

Recently, Mr. Zhang Huaming, Chairman of Zhejiang Elegant prosper Garment, together with a number of industry celebrities and leading teams, came to Chafta to discuss the future industrial development of yak hair.



In the meeting, the direction was clearly defined, which is to promote the high-quality and rapid development of the industry with an international vision, branding strategy and technological means, to create the concept of rare animal fibers with Chinese characteristics, and to tell a good story of beautiful China.


From a planetary scale perspective, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the highest and youngest highland on Earth, is the "third pole" in the world alongside the North and South Poles because of its unique and complex geographical, climatic and ecological environment created by its high altitude.


It may be an important existence affecting the whole landform, climate, water system and even life in China. The plateau receiving a lot of solar radiation, under the temperature and pressure difference, then it wrapped with water vapor "suction" into the monsoon; Cold and low temperatures have created endless glaciers and non-melting snow, which nurtured a rich diversity of life on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Many rare species unique to the plateau grow , and the yak is one of them.





Yak originated in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. About 5,000 years ago, it was domesticated from the wild yak by the ancient Qiang people on the northern Tibetan Plateau. It is the only mammal that can live above 5000 meters. Yaks live near the snow line of the plateau all year round, and can withstand the cold temperatures of -30 ℃ to -40℃, so their hair is also known as "snow hair". Because of this, the yak has become the most important riding animal and pack animal on the rugged and steep roads in the alpine region. Yak are safe, reliable and reliable, and is reputed as "the boat of the plateau" and "the boat of the snow region". All the Yak body is a treasure.



 At present, the development and utilization of yak hair in China and even the world is relatively backward. For example, only short hair is developed without long hair, which means that there is a great waste in the industrial chain, and also means that there is a huge market space for yak hair. In this meeting, it was proposed that the yak hair should be classified and selected and utilized separately to make the best use of everything, and different products should be developed in a targeted way, and the high-tech technology should be transformed into real productivity at the highest speed. Yak hair fiber is relatively short, and CHAFTA, with its own technological research and development advantages, minimizes the damage to the fiber, increases the length, and improves the utilization value. At the same time, the hair and down are classified and used, and developed separately, so that the utilization rate of hair is increased from 20% to 50%. In addition, the company actively advocates the establishment of scientific breeding bases in pastoral areas, and is committed to promoting the rare yak fiber to the whole world.

(Yak strip & yarn of Chafta)


The new era has a new mission and need us to take new actions. At present, we need to focus on the domestic cycle and take meeting domestic demand as the starting point and goal of development. The huge domestic demand with a population of 1.4 billion is full of unlimited possibilities. At the same time, we need to actively explore the international market.

We should jointly create "unique to China" and "national specialty", introduce yak hair into the mainstream of fashion, and open up the industrial cooperation and economic cycle between different regions with the wisdom of reform and innovation, and expect to drive a larger and wider market and fashion through this.